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Top 7 Best Open World RPG Ever Made

Playing open world RPG gives you limitless exploration and many things to uncover. So now, let me present you these top 7 best open world RPG ever made.

The Turks Wallpaper

Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai: Reno

Not only the main protagonist is cool in this game. We also have the badass-looking member of The Turks as Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai: Reno!

Final Fantasy Memory of Heroes

Final Fantasy Memory of Heroes Novel Launch on 18 August

Yen Press has announced the release date for Final Fantasy's novel translation, Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes. August 18th is the day!

Hakuoki Kyoto Winds - Wind Tresure Box DLC

Top 7 Visual Novel Games According to Metacritic

A review website such as Metacritic is really helpful when we don't have clues. Here are the top 7 visual novel games according to Metacritic, for you.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai: Tifa Lockhart

The sweet flower girl Aerith has entered the fray first, then it is time for Tifa Lockhart to join the fight as Final Fantasy VII Remake Play Arts Kai!

HIgurashi When They Cry Mei Is Announced for Smartphone

D-Techno announced a new installment for the Higurashi When They Cry series. The installment will be titled Higurashi When They Cry Mei.

Dungeons & Dragons

A Little to Know about the First Step of RPG

You may have played so many RPG titles, but do you know the first step of this genre? Here is a little to know about if you call yourself a RPG fan.

Indie RPG & Visual Novel Games

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