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Top 7 Most Loved Games in the Tales Series

Do you love Tales series? If you have played the classic ones, you must follow the series next. So these are the most loved Tales series games for you.

The Legend of heroes trails of cold steel mainn p11c3

Top 7 PlayStation 3 JRPG with the Best Storylines

PlayStation 3 began the next-gen gaming with excellence. The result are these top 7 PlayStation 3 JRRPG with the best storyline!

Another Eden The Cat Beyond Time and Space

Another Eden Original Soundtrack

Another Eden is another interesting RPG to be played. Becoming another creation of Yasunori Mitsuda, here are the Another Eden Original Soundtrack for you.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Wallpaper

Top 7 PlayStation 2 Visual Novel Games

PlayStation 2 is old? Yes, but also gold. The classic console has these top 7 PlayStation 2 visual novel games you can play!

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Series Special Book with Tote Bag

Are you waiting for Final Fantasy VII Remake? Maybe you should check this Final Fantasy VII Series Special Book first containing details about the series. Tote ...

Lineage 2 Revolution Wallpaper

6 Best PC MMORPG You Must Play! (Part 2)

We already have the first part last week, and now has come the second part! Check these 6 best PC MMORPG you must play (part 2)!

Dragon Quest XI PS4 Theme

Definition of RPG – The Distinguishing Elements

Do you love RPG? Everybody does, so maybe you are one of them. But do you know the real definition of RPG? Find the distinguishing elements here!

Indie RPG & Visual Novel Games

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