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Top 7 Classic RPG Square Enix Should Remake after Final Fantasy VII

Are you fond of classic RPG made by Square Enix? If you are, pay attention to these top 7 classic RPG Square Enix should remake after Final Fantasy VII.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Wallpaper

Top 7 Greatest JRPG Ever Made

You can find so many JRPG out there, but which one is the greatest among them all? The answer lies within these top 7 greatest JRPG ever made.

Ys Origin Main Pic q1223

Top 7 Shortest JRPG

Usually, playing RPG takes a long time fo finish. But do you know that there are these top 7 shortest JRPG with a decent quality?

Persona 2 Innocent Sin Characters

Top 7 JRPG with the Deepest Lore (Part 2)

After the first part here comes the next top 7 JRPG with the deepest lore. Only for you who appreciates lore aside from the other RPG elements.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Wallpaper

Top 7 JRPG with the Deepest Lore (Part 1)

Lore is an element you can explore to its extent in game genre like RPG. These are the first part of JRPG with the deepest lore you should play.

Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4

Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack

Maybe you have played the game, so now is the time for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack (7 discs set!) to bring pleasure into your ears.

Amnesia - Screenshot

5 Worst Visual Novel Games According to Metacritic

After the best. it is time to reveal the 5 worst visual novel games according to Metacritic. But although labelled "worst" they are not really that bad.

Indie RPG & Visual Novel Games

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