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steins gate (12)

5 Recommended PC Visual Novel Suitable for Everyone

Visual novel are a game genre based on text and scenes. That is why; the plot and artwork will play a dominant role. Since it is based on text and scenes, there...

Lost Sphear trailer

Lost Sphear Original Soundtrack Available Now!

What is another important things in RPG aside from gameplay and plot? Soundtrack! Through tradition and evolution, here is Lost Sphear original soundtrack for y...

Pokemon Masters cover

New Update on Pokemon Masters Trailer

Some details about Pokemon smartphone game, Pokemon Masters is revealed on the newest trailer and here are some of it. check it out.

5 Recommended Mobile RPG with Customizable Character

Character customization has become a favorite to online gamers. Among a lot of online games out there, these are 5 recommended mobile RPG with customizable char...

Dragon Quest XI Opening Video - SS

7 Things in RPG that would be Useful in the Real World

There are a lot of important things in RPG from A to Z. And some of them would be very useful if it is applicable in the real world.

Ashes of Oahu

Open World Shooter RPG Ashes of Oahu Release Date Announced

Wyrmbyte has announced Ashes of Oahu release date. This Hawaiian action-shooter will launch for PC on August 29th. Meanwhile, check the trailer here!

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward - Benchmark trailer

5 Things You Should Do While Playing MMORPG

With a lot of new MMORPG titles recently, it is easy to find this genre everywhere. But before playing it, there are 5 things you should do if you want to try M...

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