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World of Final Fantasy Maxima

Top 7 Final Fantasy Games with the Best Combat System

Final Fantasy has a lot of things to offer. Most players will focus on its gameplay, so here are the top 7 Final Fantasy games with the best combat system.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestral Arrangement Album

Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestral Arrangement Album

Do you like Final Fantasy VII Remake that much? If you do, then this Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestral Arrangement Album was made totally for your ears.

Collar X Malice - Screenshot 2

Top 7 Best Long Visual Novels

Do you usually get bored while playing visual novels? If you do, then check these top 7 best long visual novels, if you are looking for length and quality.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

Final Fantasy VII Remake Postcard Book

Have you played Final Fantasy VII Remake? Whether you have or you haven't, take a look at this beautifully arranged Final Fantasy VII Remake Postcard Book.

Dragon Quest XI Special Edition

5 Most Remade RPG of All Time

Many times, playing classic games are more fun than playing the modern one. In this list, are the 5 most remade RPG of all time because of their quality.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Aloy

Top 7 Offline PlayStation 4 RPG

So far PlayStation 4 has successfully amazed me with its exclusive and non-exclusive RPG. In this article are top 7 offline PlayStation 4 RPG you can find.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is Available Now on Smartphones

Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for smartphone! If you buy it before April the 4th, you can get a discount price which is $16.99.

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