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Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bonny Spirits

Yo-Kai Watch 2 - Feature

New Yo-Kai Watch 2 Promotional Trailer Shows Gameplay Overview!

Nintendo and Level-5 has shared another Yo-Kai Watch 2 promotional trailer. The trailer explains the Yo-Kai worlds and some gameplay mechanics!

Yo-Kai Watch 2 - Feature

Yo-kai Watch 2 Trailer Exclusive for Jibanyan Medal

Nintendo release a new trailer for Yo-kai watch 2. The trailer exclusively shows Jibanyan Medal for Yo-kai Watch fans out there.

Nintendo Announces National StreetPass Weekend to Celebrate the Launching of Yo-Kai Watch 2

Nintendo just announced National StreetPass Weekend for Yo-Kai Watch 2 to celebrate the launching! Collect StreetPass tags to get new Yo-Kai!

Yo-Kai Watch 2 - Feature

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Footage Shows Exploring Town and Befriending Yo-Kai

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Footage Shows Exploring Town and Befriending Yo-Kai. The game will be released in North America next week!

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Artwork

Latest Yo-Kai Watch 2 Trailer Shows Hillarious Scene and Gameplay!

In this latest Yo-Kai Watch 2 trailer, you can watch some pretty hilarious promotional effort to promote the game, along with some gameplay mechanic.

Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct Sep 1st 2016 Report: Dragon Quest VIII Delayed, Yo-Kai Watch 2 Release Date, and More!

During the event of Nintendo Direct held on September 1st 2016, more information regarding new games, new items, and release date are announced!

Gamescom 2016 Logo

Gamescom 2016 Gameplay Footage Shows FF XV, FF XII The: Zodiac Age, Yo-Kai Watch 2, and More!

Check out several of Gamescom 2016 gameplay footage for many RPG games such as Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Prologue, and Yo-Kai Watch 2!

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