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Dragon's Crown Pro Announced

Dragon’s Crown Pro Launch Trailer is Revealed Now!

Atlus shared more PlayStation 4's Dragon's Crown Pro trailer showcasing the six classed you can choose, some gameplay, and more.

Dragon's Crown Pro

Dragon’s Crown Pro Gets 4K Comparison Trailer!

Atlus kindly gave fans a big favor by sharing the 4K comparison trailer between the original PS3 version with the remastered PS4 version entitled Dragon's Crown Pro.

Dragon's Crown Pro Screenshots Show Bossess, Dungeons, and More!

Dragon’s Crown Pro Gets New Characters Trailer

Atlus USA released a brand new trailer of the upcoming Dragon’s Crown remaster Dragon’s Crown Pro which showcasing all of the playable characters of the game in battle action.

Dragon's Crown Pro Collector's Edition

Dragon’s Crown Pro Western Release Date Announced!

Atlus and Vanillaware finally give the release date of their longing remastered hit game, Dragon's Crown Pro Western for Playstation 4.

Dragon's Crown Pro Announced

Dragon’s Crown Pro Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer Feature!

Atlus USA kindly shared the brand new trailer for Dragon’s Crown Pro showcasing multiplayer gameplay packed in a beautiful 2D visuals.

Dragon's Crown Pro Collector's Edition

Dragon’s Crown Pro Collector’s Edition Announced as Battle-Hardened Edition!

Atlus has announced its upcoming remaster Dragon's Crown Pro Collector's Edition, The Battle-Hardened Edition is available to pre-order today.

Dragon's Crown Pro English

Dragon’s Crown Pro English Gameplay Trailer is Revealed!

In the PlayStation Experience live programming, Atlus and Sony Interactive Entertainment showcased about ten minutes of Dragon's Crown Pro English gameplay.

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