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Lost Sphear trailer

Lost Sphear Original Soundtrack Available Now!

What is another important things in RPG aside from gameplay and plot? Soundtrack! Through tradition and evolution, here is Lost Sphear original soundtrack for you.

Nintendo Direct Announcement: Fire Emblem Three Houses, Dragon Quest XI S, Oninaki, and More!

Nintendo Direct just gave us tons of updates of new games, some of release dates, and playable demo. Just read it in one news!

Lost Sphear Maiiinnn pp111c

Lost Sphear New Trailer Introduces Story and Main Characters!

Square Enix shared a new trailer regarding their game. Lost Sphear, entitled Restore the World which introduces story and main characters.

Lost Sphear trailer

Lost Sphear Demo Confirmed for Japan!

During the TGS 2017, Square Enix confirmed that the upcoming RPG Lost Sphear will be having a playable demo as soon as this week!

Lost Sphear trailer

Lost Sphear Trailer Focused on Highlighting Gameplay!

Get your drool bucket ready, here's Square Enix's Lost Sphear trailer to prepare the launch in Japan next month and in Europe and North America next year!

Lost Sphear Trailer Shows the Game's World, Environment, and some Gameplay!

Lost Sphear Trailer Shows the Game’s World, Environment, and some Gameplay!

To excite fans even more, Square Enix decided to release another trailer for Lost Sphear! This time it shows the beautiful world with some gameplay.

Lost Sphear Release Date

Lost Sphear Release Date Finally Revealed!

Lost Sphear gets its release date revealed! Lost Sphear release date will be on October 12th and January 23rd 2018. Check the launch trailer here!

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