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Tokyo Clanpool Main PICC 123

Tokyo Clanpool Trailer Reveals Gameplay and Exclusive System!

DenPile updated their game Tokyo Clanpool by releasing new trailer, revealing the gameplay as well as exclusive features in the game.

Tokyo Clanpool Main Pic 3

New Tokyo Clanpool Trailer Reveals More Character and Gameplay!

The game Tokyo Clanpool, a collaboration between Compile Heart and Dengeki, reveals its details about its characters details and gameplay.

Tokyo Clanpool Main Pic b

Tokyo Clanpool Releases its Opening Cutscene Video!

Compile Heart and Dengeki collaboration project Tokyo Clanpool shows us the game's opening cutscene video... Show us its characters and voice actors

Tokyo Clanpool Pic Media

Tokyo Clanpool Announces Battle System Details!

Compile Heart and Dengeki crossover game Tokyo Clanpool shows us its detailed battle system... the unique turn-based system.

Tokyo Clanpool - Feature

Tokyo Clanpool Announced by Compile Heart and Dengeki!

Compile Heart and Dengeki just announced a joint PS Vita game Tokyo Clanpool! In addition, the game is boasted as a dungeon RPG revolution!

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