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Tales of Berseria - New Characters, Mystic Artes - Header

Top 7 Tales Series Storyline

Tales series has now become one of the legendary RPG franchises. Among all the many nice storyline in the series, here are the top 7 tales series storyline.

Suikoden III Main Characters

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 PlayStation 2 JRPG with the Best Storylines

There are so many great RPG you can find on PlayStation 2. But among all, here are the top 7 PlayStation 2 JRPG with the best storyline you must try.

Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition main piccc

Top 7 Most Loved Games in the Tales Series

Do you love Tales series? If you have played the classic ones, you must follow the series next. So these are the most loved Tales series games for you.

Fire Emblem Warriors E3 Trailer

Top 7 Nintendo 3DS RPG

While Nintendo products was known to hosts fun and casual game, there are some 3DS RPG that you must try for its quality. Some of them are popular titles ported from previous console.

Tales of Graces Wallpaper

7 Best Swordsmen in RPG

As a complex kind of genre, RPG has a lot of jobs of the characters. And one of the most popular job in RPG is swordsman. Here are 7 best swordsmen in RPG that you should know.

Xenogears Fei & Elly

#ThrowbackRPG – 7 Classic RPG That Deserve a Remake on Current Gen Console

There is a lot of classic RPG that deserve a remake; at least that is what the RPG lovers think. With all its qualities, the classic RPG in this article have what it takes to become a legend in classi...

Tales of the Abyss Wallpaper

Tales of the Abyss: Luke fon Fabre (Re-run)

Tales of the Abyss is one the of the best Tales series ever created by Namco (released for PlayStation 2 and 3DS). Because of that, the characters also gained popularity and fame among RPG lovers. Thi...

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