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Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Fast Level Up!

With excitement still in full vigor after the recent release of Kingdom Hearts III, many fans would willingly invest much of their time into playing this epic game, exploring every possible nooks and ...

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 Preview – Now Free To Play!

What do you get when combining elements of Pokemon GO, Final Fantasy, and a heavy Digimon-style atmosphere? You have Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2! SEGA has decided to take a different turn with ...

Doraemon Nobita’s Story of Seasons

Doraemon: Nobita’s Story of Seasons Announced for Switch!

Bandai Namco do more expansion for their Story of Seasons franchise, this time the target for develop a small farm is Nobita!

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Dun Scaith - Boss Preview 3

7 Tricky Bosses to Defeat in RPG

Boss fights is one of many reasons why players are attached to play certain games. Among them are hard bosses that require us to grind for more level and items to be able to defeat them. But apparentl...

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Classic Mini SNES Released; The Legend Revived!

SNES is back! This time, it comes in palm-sized console named Nintendo Classic Mini SNES. Not only that, this mini console comes with 21 pre-loaded SNES popular games; including RPG of course. What ar...

God eater 3 main pic sedw

God Eater 3 Post Launch Update will Bring Post-Game Missions and Make Keith as Party Member

Today, Bandai Namco had a God Eater live stream looking at the future of the series, precisely on the series of update that will come.

final fantasy xiv shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV ‘Shadowbringers’ Expansion Launching Date Revealed!

Square Enix have some info to give away to the fans regarding the upcoming “Shadowbringers” expansion coming to Final Fantasy XIV.

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