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Top 7 Underrated and Forgotten RPG

Beneath the popular and mainstream titles, there are still hidden gems within RPG world. Here are the top 7 underrated and forgotten RPG you must find.

Dark Souls: Remastered

Top 7 RPG with the Best Combat System

A nice combat system in RPG makes players stay longer and even get addicted. Here are the top 7 RPG with the best combat system you should play.

Persona 5 Battle Summoning Persona

7 Hardest JRPG You Should Try Playing!

These games are JRPG that was known for the above-average difficulty whether it is in the gameplay or the availability of secret bosses. Check out the list and try playing them!

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Wallpaper

Top 7 tri-Ace Masterpieces

Tri-Ace was known for so long to be able to deliver RPG with excellent battle system. The product of tri-Ace has their own fanatic gamer, although the other thinks that it was too complex. But above a...

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