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Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Flantastic Seven High Score

The Kingdom Hearts III has a myriad of fun mini-games strewn across its universe, but none arguably more important than the Flantastic Seven mini-game series. That is, if you desire to possess the hol...

Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Optimizing Goofy and Donald

If you’re an OG fan of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, then you would know that both Goofy and Donald Duck served under King Mickey, who is the sovereign of the Disney Castle. Yep. Goofy and Donal...

Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Fast Level Up!

With excitement still in full vigor after the recent release of Kingdom Hearts III, many fans would willingly invest much of their time into playing this epic game, exploring every possible nooks and ...

Kingdom Hearts III Tips: How To Get Ultima Weapon – Sora

There’s your regular keyblade, and then there’s the Ultima Weapon, the most powerful keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III universe. The path to forging an Ultima Weapon is bothersome and arduous...

Kingdom Hearts III Tips: Earn Munny Fast!

Let’s be honest guys: ya’ll gon’ need a bunch of Munny in Kingdom Hearts III to be able to afford all those weapons, elixirs, potions, and lotions. Sure, your regular killing and going with the flow o...

Kingdom Hearts III Launches

Kingdom Hearts III Preview: The Wait Is Finally Over

  “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” – Queen. After what felt like forever and a day, SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd has finally made good of their promise: Kingdom Hearts III is finally availab...

KIngdom Heart III

Kingdom Hearts III Post Ending Content Schedule Is Revealed

Kingdom Hearts III post ending content schedule has been announced! Post ending content, namely the epilogue and secret ending. Click for full schedule!

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