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Pokémon GO meeting Pokémon in wildlife

Pokémon GO Battle will be Real-Time Combat + Updates on Training & Gyms System

There are numerous information from the field test, including Pokémon GO battle system, training, gym features, and catching Pokémon.

Pokémon Co-Master for Android and iOS

Pokémon Co-Master is Available Now on Android for Japanese Region

The next mobile game for Pokémon is out now! Pokémon Co-Master is available for Android, and the iOS version will come later. Both are Japanese only.

Pokémon GO Second Field Test Will be Held in Australia and New Zealand

Pokémon GO Second Field Test Will be Held in Australia and New Zealand

The first field test was held in Japan last March. Now, the Pokémon GO second field test will be held in Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ) region!

Pokemon GO augmented reality Pokemon

Pokémon GO Official Updates Talk About Finding Items, Eggs, Gyms, and Capturing Pokémon

Finally, Niantic has posted some Pokémon GO official updated in their blog. They talk about some gameplay, including hatching eggs, exploring, and Gyms.

Pokemon Co-Master Logo Teaser Site

Board Game Pokémon Co-Master Is Announced for Android and iOS

Another Pokémon game has been announced for smartphone! The board game Pokémon Co-Master will be launched this Spring in Japan.

Pokemon GO Smartphone

GDC Session for Pokémon Go from Niantic is Cancelled

Originaly, the GDC Session for Pokémon GO will be held on next week. However, Niantic decided to withdraw and cancel that session to focus on the game.

Pokemon GO Smartphone

Pokémon Go Field Test Exclusive for Japan Begins This March

The Pokémon Go field test is exclusive for Japanese local players and it begins this March. The test will be used to improve the game features and balance.

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