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Pokemon Masters cover

New Update on Pokemon Masters Trailer

Some details about Pokemon smartphone game, Pokemon Masters is revealed on the newest trailer and here are some of it. check it out.

New Preview Video for Pokemon Masters

DeNA, in collaboration with The Pokemon Company, has revealed a new preview video for their upcoming mobile game, Pokemon Masters.

Detective Pikachu Movie First Trailer Finally Revealed!

Detective Pikachu Movie First Trailer Finally Revealed!

Probably the first ever in Pokemon series history, Warner Bros has revealed a live action movie trailer for Detective Pikachu!

Pokemon - First Generation Wallpaper

7 Reasons Why First Generation Pokémon Are Still Loveable

A lot of series from Pokemon franchise has been released until today. Started more than 20 years ago, Pokemon games keeps developing and improving. But as the pioneer, it seems that the first generati...

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: Z Rotom Power

Pokémon Series – Evaluating the Evolution!

Pokemon series has released a lot generations since its first debut, more than 20 years ago. Although most of it were a good games, there are ranks of the generations which based on personal experienc...

A New Pokemon Core RPG Coming in 2019 for Switch!

A New Pokemon Core RPG Coming in 2019 for Switch!

We got a little bit bombarded with Pokemon news announcements. Now there's a saying of a new Pokemon Core RPG for Switch will be coming in 2019!

Fire Emblem Series

The History of Console RPG – The Progress

Console RPG are developing consistently especially since the mid-'80s and '90s. From classic consoles to handheld, and then continues to next generation consoles playing MMORPG. All those progresses p...

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