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Pokemon - First Generation Wallpaper

7 Reasons Why First Generation Pokémon Are Still Loveable

A lot of series from Pokemon franchise has been released until today. Started more than 20 years ago, Pokemon games keeps developing and improving. But as the pioneer, it seems that the first generati...

Secret of Mana Wallpaper

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 Worth-Replaying Fourth Generation RPG

There are a lot of decent RPG titles, but not all of them are worth to be replayed. High replay values such as secrets and endings are needed to make a game worth-replaying after being finished once. ...

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: Z Rotom Power

Pokémon Series – Evaluating the Evolution!

Pokemon series has released a lot generations since its first debut, more than 20 years ago. Although most of it were a good games, there are ranks of the generations which based on personal experienc...

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Logo Gray

The Evolution of Pokémon Games

Pokemon games is keep improving from generation to generation. The latest version of course will be much better than the first, but without the first, there will be no present Pokemon games. Here are ...

Partner-Based RPG Digimon World 3 Opening Movie

5 Partner-Based RPG Games with Awesome Story That You Must Play

Partner-based RPG games are usually strong in the gameplay, but how about their story element? Find out some of the best with good story here.

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