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Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon: Z Rotom Power

Pokémon Series – Evaluating the Evolution!

Pokemon series has released a lot generations since its first debut, more than 20 years ago. Although most of it were a good games, there are ranks of the generations which based on personal experienc...

Pokemon Generations Episode 3 The Challenger

Pokémon Generations Episode 3 ‘The Challenger’ is Available Now!

The Pokémon Company has made available for Pokémon Generations Episode 3! Titled 'The Challenger', this episode focuses on the Elite Four of Kanto Region.

Pokemon Generations Anime

Pokémon Generations First Two Episodes Are Live Now!

Pokémon Generations first two episodes are live now! Brace your heart with nostalgic feeling of the first generations of the Pokémon game here.

The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Generations

Pokemon Generations Anime Announced, Will Air Starting Sep 16 on YouTube

The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Generations, a new Pokémon anime ready to debut on Friday, September 16, on Pokémon's official YouTube channel.

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