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Persona 5 Japan Collector Edition

Persona 5 Collector Edition 20th Anniversary + DLC Announced For Japan

Beside revealing the release date and an anime as the game's prequel, Atlus also revealing the Persona 5 Collector Edition for Japan, containing DLC.

Persona 5 The animation

Persona 5 The Animation – The Day Breaker Announced as Prologue for the Main Game

Beside revealing the main game's release date, Atlus also revealed an anime titled Persona 5 The Animation : The Day Breaker as the main game's prologue.

Persona 5 On Sale Sep 15

Persona 5 Release Date is Set on Sep 15 in Japan!

In the special livestream in Niconico after the countdown reached 0, Atlus finally revealed Persona 5 release date, with collector's edition also available.

Persona 5 Special Broadcast in Niconico Take Tokyo Tower

Persona 5 PC & XBox One Version Won’t Happen + Expect Special Broadcast On May 5

Atlus PR made a statement that both Persona 5 PC and XBox One version won't happen. Also, a special broadcast titled Take Tokyo Tower will be hosted later when the countdown end.

Persona 5 Logo Cover Characters

Persona 5 Website Countdown Teasing Some Announcements on May 5

After the information updates for the game have been scarce, Atlus finally update their Persona 5 website with countdown, teasing something on May 5.

Atlus - Persona 5 Cover Logo

Persona 5 will be Published by SEGA Instead of Atlus due to Acquisition Finalized

As the result of the acquistion of Atlus' parent company, SEGA will now publish Atlus USA games, including the highly anticipated Persona 5.

Final Fantasy XV feat

10 Most Anticipated RPG Games in 2016

Here's a small list of upcoming most probably best RPG games that are going to be released this year.

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