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Ys Origin Main Pic q1223

Top 7 Shortest JRPG

Usually, playing RPG takes a long time fo finish. But do you know that there are these top 7 shortest JRPG with a decent quality?

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Fortuna Talent Agency

Top 7 RPG Set in the Modern Day According to Metacritic

Some players love the medieval setting while some others don't. If you are the latter, here are the top 7 RPG set in the modern day according to Metacritic.

Vampyr mainpic vugd

5 Horror RPG that Could Bring Nightmares into Your Sleep

Do you like watching horror movies? What about playing RPG? If you like both, then these 5 horror RPG were made for you. Try playing before going to sleep!

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