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Omega Labyrinth Z: Western Release is Cancelled!

PQube, the one developed a game entitled Omega Labyrinth Z which is full of services (a daring services) for the fans cancelled the game's western localization.

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Omega Labyrinth Z Announced Its Western Localization!

PQube announced that the game Omega Labyrinth Z, a dungeon crawling RPG, will come to the west for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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Omega Labyrinth Z Shows Its Details through New Promotional Video!

D3 Publisher shares a new video promoting Omega Labyrinth Z, a Dungeon-RPG. The video shows us the characters, features, and systems

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Omega Labyrinth Z Gets Adventuring Gameplay Trailer!

Omega Labyrinth Z, a Dungeon RPG by D3 Publisher reveals in-game adventure... a mix between conversations and exploring dungeons

Omega Labyrinth Z Opening Aina Akemiya Featured

Omega Labyrinth Z: New Opening Movie Revealed!

D3 publisher finally shared the new opening movie for its upcoming Dungeon RPG game game, Omega Labyrinth Z. The opening theme song featured..

Omega Labyrinth Z - Features

Omega Labyrinth Z Debut Trailer Revealed!

D3 Publisher released Omega Labyrinth Z debut trailer! The upcomin dungeon crawling RPG will arrive on both PS4 and PS Vita on July!

Omega Labyrinth Z Details ‘Licking’ Feature and Character Skills

D3 Publisher revelaed the new 'Licking' feature of the upcoming Dungeon RPG Omega Labyrinth Z, in addition to new skill previews!

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