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Nioh Remastered and The Nioh Collection Announced for PS5

Koei Tecmo has announced Nioh Remastered, Nioh 2 Remastered, and Nioh Collection will head to PlayStation 5. Nioh 2 Remastered will also head to PC.

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NiOh PC Version Debut Trailer Revealed!

NiOh: Complete Edition for PC is finally here alongside the debut trailer by Koei Tecmo! The port is now available via Steam!

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NiOh PC Version: The Long Awaited Version Officially Announced!

Koei Tecmo has announced NiOh, the game that originally dedicated for PlayStation 4, now will come to PC after the long wait.

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NiOh Final DLC “Bloodshed’s End” Shows Exciting Trailer!

Koei Tecmo shows us the final DLC of NiOh entitled Bloodshed's End with its exciting trailer: stories about William's journey in Sengoku era.

Nioh Main Piccc 1123

NiOh Final DLC “Bloodshed’s End” Fixed Release Date Announced!

Koei Tecmo announced the Final DLC for NiOh entitled Bloodshed's End which is on September 26th. The price for DLC also is given, around $9.99.

NiOh Main Pic 2

NiOh Third DLC ‘Genna Enbu’ Announced with Extra Trailer for Second DLC!

Koei Tecmo reveals another update for their game, NiOh. The company informs us about the Second DLC's new trailer and Third DLC's existence.

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NiOh Second DLC ‘Defiant Honor’ Announced with Its Details!

Koei Tecmo updates their game, NiOh, by releasing its second DLC for us.. through some screenshots and artwork representing the key feature of the DLC

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