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Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation

Top 7 Visual Novel Games for Anime Lover

Do you love visual novel? Or do you love anime? If it turns out that you love both, take a look at these top 7 visual novel games for anime lover!

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5 Best Visual Novel Games So Far (Part 1)

Do you feel bored playing a visual novel halfway? You won't find that boredom if you play these best visual novel games you can find so far (part 1)!

Top 5 Free Otome Games for Smartphone You Will Love to Play

Feels bored and want to play some VNs on your smartphone? Wonder no more, because here's the list of top 5 free otome games for smartphones!

5 Most Recommended Romance Visual Novel - Featured Image

5 Most Recommended Romance Visual Novel

February is the month of love! Check out these 5 romance visual novel that will make your hearts skip a beat and experience the bittersweetness of love!

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