Monster Hunter Series

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Monster Hunter: World Reveals the Update for Patch 1.05!

Capcom updated the patch for their recent launched game entitled Monster Hunter: World with the update's features revealed (for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

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Monster Hunter: World Gets Patch Update and New Quests!

Capcom recently released the patch update for their game Monster Hunter: World dedicated for these two consoles: Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as new available quests.

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Monster Hunter: World Reveals Trailers to Play Online!

Capcom determined to release several trailers containing some info about how to play the game Online with its aspects and special features for their game, Monster Hunter: World.

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Monster Hunter: World Reveals the Street Fighter Crossover!

Capcom reveals the crossover for their game entitled Monster Hunter: World with another well-known fighting game entitled Street Fighter V after their release.

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Monster Hunter: World Released for Consoles with A Trailer!

Capcom finally announced that their project entitled Monster Hunter: World is released as per today for several consoles: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a trailer

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Monster Hunter: World Details Its Day One Patch!

Capcom released and detailed the patch for their game entitled Monster Hunter: World which is named Day One Patch by showing us several features: Poogie, additional system and language.

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Monster Hunter: World Reveals Epic Duels and PS4 Pro Edition!

A TV Commercial show was revealed by Capcom for their game entitled Monster Hunter: World, which shows epic battles, and the PlayStation 4 Pro Edition

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