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Metal Max Xeno - Tanks

Metal Max Xeno Trailer Shows Tank Battle!

NIS America released Kadokawa Games' Metal Max Xeno trailer. This gameplay trailer revealed tank trailer appearing in the game. Check it out here!

Metal Max Xeno main pic 1we3

Metal Max Xeno: Western Release Date Announced!

Kadokawa Games announced the release date for their project entitled Metal Max Xeno dedicated to the western countries (NA and EU).

Metal Max Xeno main pic fuhn

Metal Max Xeno Western Version Announced!

Kadokawa Games recently announced that their game entitled Metal Max Xeno will head to the west as they acquire the localization for the western fans by releasing a trailer.

Metal max Xeno main pic er221

Metal Max Xeno Reveals Tanks, Attribute Chips, and More!

Kadokawa Games revealed the details for some tanks, attribute chips, as well as the monsters that will be fought for their game entitled Metal Max Xeno.

metal max xeno main pic vdd21

Metal Max Xeno New Trailer Focuses on Characters, Tanks, and More!

Kadokawa Games recently shared a trailer for their game entitled Metal Max Xeno which mainly highlights the characters, tanks, and some other things such as in-game environment.

Metal Max Xeno Western Release Announced + New Character Revealed

Kadokawa Games announced the localization for Metal Max Xeno! Besides announcement of Metal Max Xeno western release, a new character is also introduced as well as a new tank. Check it out!

Metal Max Xeno SoNs

Metal Max Xeno SoNs + Thalys Mechanical Arm Detail Are Revealed

Famitsu released details about Metal Max Xeno SoNs, new race of monsters in the game. In addition, if you don't realize it, the protagonist Thalys has a mechanical left arm and the magazine also talks...

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