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Disney Kingdom Hearts Sora Mini Action Figure Is Coming Soon!

The latest from Kingdom Hearts series is coming soon. But it will be a while until the latest sequel is finally released. While waiting for that, you can start by collecting this adorable Sora mini ac...

Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 Unique Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts

A good game will have wide selection of available weapon. Like in Kingdom Hearts, Keyblades are used as a weapon. Here are top 7 unique Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts that might attract your interest.

RPG with Best Soundtracks

Top 7 RPG with Best Soundtracks

Soundtracks is an essential factor in a game, including RPG. Most RPG lovers will easily fall in love with a title when the soundtracks touches their heart. Here are top 7 RPG with best soundtracks th...

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