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Granblue Fantasy Characters

7 Highly Recommended Android and iOS RPG!

Smartphone now has become on the same level with handheld. With the capability of smartphones and the existence of Android and iOS, great games now has resided in those mobile device OS. Between the g...

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] - Title

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] Is Now Available

The latest update for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ rebrands the game into a new title of the same franchise, namely Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross].

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] - Logo

Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] Announced for Worldwide Release; First Trailer Revealed

Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross], a rebranding of the existing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ to expand the mythology of the series.

2016 12 most viral news

12 Most Viral RPG and Visual Novel News in 2016

In a few more days, 2016 is coming to an end. Now might be the appropriate time to bring you 2016 12 most viral news! Check the RPG and VN news here!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X 1st Anniversary Japan Version

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Teases Multiplayer Mode, New World, Ventus’ Role, and More!

The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ will have its 1st Anniversary soon. The 1st key art medal is available now with new features are teased!

Kingdom hearts Unchained X Logo with Zootopia Event

Zootopia’s Judy and Nick Returns to Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ as Judy & Nick Medal!

Judy & Nick Medal can be obtained through the second Zootopia event quest! Also, SP Roxas, SP Axel, and SP Xion is available in the Epic Medal Carnival!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Key Art with All KH Logos

Famitsu Interviews Nomura Revealing KH Unchained χ ‘Season 2’, Multiple Worlds in BBS 0.2, and More!

After Famitsu Interviews Nomura, there are a lot of surprising information revealed, including the season 2 of KH Unchained χ and more!

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