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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Battle Screenshot

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 PlayStation 2 JRPG According to Metacritic

Old but gold is not enough to describe these PlayStation 2 JRPG. And now Metacritic's rating will tell you more about the awesome JRPG of that moment.

Final Fantasy XV - Accolades Trailer

Top 7 Insanely Tough Secret Bosses in RPG

Fighting bosses is always exciting. But what about secret bosses in RPG? As an optional bosses, they often created with formidable strength and impenetrable defense, even better than the main antagoni...

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Dun Scaith - Boss Preview 3

7 Tricky Bosses to Defeat in RPG

Boss fights is one of many reasons why players are attached to play certain games. Among them are hard bosses that require us to grind for more level and items to be able to defeat them. But apparentl...

Dragon Quest VIII - Featured

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 PlayStation 2 RPG

PlayStation 2 may be an old video game console, but a true RPG lover will realize that it has a lot of great RPG titles. Some popular games are also departed from this classic console. Dragon Quest se...

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo & Car

7 Most Interesting Minigames in RPG

Minigames in RPG isn't obligatory. You can skip it and proceed with the main storyline without even bothering to think about it. But in some games, minigames are created amazingly and succeeded to bec...

Final Fantasy XV mainpic qwsszx

7 Final Fantasy Characters that Should Appear in Kingdom Hearts III

Final Fantasy series has a huge amount of characters and each of them plays an important role in their story. Some of them have appeared in Kingdom Hearts series while some other haven't. Since Kingdo...

Card-user RPG Characters

6 Most Popular Card-User RPG Characters

There are many kinds of weapon in RPG. Among them is cards, as one of the rarest type of weapon for RPG characters. Because they are using cards as weapon, there are some among them who are gamblers. ...

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