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2016 12 most viral news

12 Most Viral RPG and Visual Novel News in 2016

In a few more days, 2016 is coming to an end. Now might be the appropriate time to bring you 2016 12 most viral news! Check the RPG and VN news here!

Kingdom Hearts III Sora Donald Goofy

Kingdom Hearts III Riku and Kairi’s New Outfit Teased in Latest Kingdom Hearts χ Key Art!

The latest key art for Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] has Sora in his KH III outfit, with Riku and Kairi. Has Kingdom Hearts III Riku and Kairi's outfit confirmed?

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] browser logo

Kingdom Hearts χ[Chi] Browser Will Terminate Its Service at Sep 2016

After the recent good news about the new Kingdom Hearts for mobile has been released for US region, Kingdom Hearts χ[Chi] browser will meet its end this Sep 2016

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