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Top 7 JRPG on Switch (According to Metacritic)

Switch is an amazing handheld so far. And because of that, you should know these top 7 JRPG on Switch, provided by Metacritic rating system.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud - Screenshot 3

Top 7 JRPG to Play if You Like Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles is a nice, modern game with classic RPG elements. Consider these top 7 JRPG to play if you like Xenoblade Chronicles.

The Last Remnant Artwork

Top 7 JRPG that Deserve a Sequel But Never Got One

Among many titles in the ocean called RPG, are these top 7 JRPG that deserve a sequel but never got the chance to have one. Hoping miracle happens.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Wallpaper

Top 7 Greatest JRPG Ever Made

You can find so many JRPG out there, but which one is the greatest among them all? The answer lies within these top 7 greatest JRPG ever made.

Ys Origin Main Pic q1223

Top 7 Shortest JRPG

Usually, playing RPG takes a long time fo finish. But do you know that there are these top 7 shortest JRPG with a decent quality?

Yakuza Like a Dragon Wallpaper

Top 7 JRPG with the Deepest Lore (Part 1)

Lore is an element you can explore to its extent in game genre like RPG. These are the first part of JRPG with the deepest lore you should play.

Xenoblade Chronicle 2 Gets Gameplay Footage from Gamescom 2017

Top 7 Best JRPG of the Last Decade According to Metacritic

After the best western RPG, now is the time to reveal the JRPG list. Here are the top 7 best JRPG of the last decade according to Metacritic.

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