Fire Emblem Echoes Gameplay Trailer

Top 7 Fire Emblem Storylines

Fire Emblem games are known for its simple but addictive gameplay. Among the games in the series, are these top 7 Fire Emblem storylines you must play.

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Characters

Top 7 Fire Emblem Games

Fire Emblem is Nintendo's huge franchise aside from Pokemon series. A lot of titles have been released and among them are these top 7 FIre Emblem games.

Nintendo Direct Announcement: Fire Emblem Three Houses, Dragon Quest XI S, Oninaki, and More!

Nintendo Direct just gave us tons of updates of new games, some of release dates, and playable demo. Just read it in one news!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be Available for Switch!

Intelligent Systems announced another project based on Fire Emblem series entitled Fire Emblem: Three Houses that will be developed for Nintendo Switch during E3 2018.

Fire Emblem Warriors - Fire Emblem Cordelia Female Robin

Fire Emblem Cordelia & Female Robin Join Fire Emblem Warrior!

Fire Emblem Cordelia and Female Robin join the game's upcoming installment, Fire Emblem Warrior! Click here to see the details and screenshots!

Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshot Shows Characters and Bond System!

Fire Emblem Warriors Screenshot Shows Characters and Bond System!

The new Fire Emblem Warriors has a feature called the Bond System and recently got explained how it works. We also got more characters' screenshots!

Fire Emblem Heroes 1

Fire Emblem Heroes Preview – Summon The Legendary Heroes to Join Your Side!

Fire Emblem Heroes is new mobile game from Nintendo based from Fire Emblem series. This is the game’s debut in mobile game with the new universe and characters. But this game included characters from ...

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