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Hyakki Castle

Hyakki Castle PS4

Hyakki Castle PS4 and Switch Version Announced!

Almost a year after its launch on PC, Hyakki Castle announced two consoles it will launch on: PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch! This Hyakki Castle PS4 and Switch version will be retitled as Haunted D...

Hyakki Castle

Hyakki Castle’s Ancient Japanese Demons Officially Out Now for PC!

For those who are already waiting for Hyakki Castle, today this dungeon crawling Edo-era RPG is downloadable in Steam. Get ready to be thrilled!

Hyakki Castle

Thriller RPG Hyakki Castle Release Date Officially Announced!

Japanese publisher Happinet and developer Asakusa Studios are taking their their Edo-era dungeon RPG, Hyakki Castle, to PC through Steam.

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