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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Wallpaper

Top 7 PlayStation 2 Visual Novel Games

PlayStation 2 is old? Yes, but also gold. The classic console has these top 7 PlayStation 2 visual novel games you can play!


Top 7 PlayStation 3 Visual Novel Games

Who said PlayStation 3 games consist only of adventure and RPG games? Take a look at these wonderful PlayStation 3 visual novel games made specially for you!

Steins;Gate - Feature

7 Must-Play Visual Novel with Shocking Plot Twist

Welcome to the visual novel world! This genre will brings you excitement in another form of gameplay based on text and still scene. Check these games out!

Zero Escape The Nonary Games - Features

7 Recommended Visual Novel Games For Horror Lovers

Horror genre becomes more popular with the existence of high quality horror movies and games recently. It also opened the chance for visual novel games developer to include horror theme as one of thei...

4 Most Popular Anime Series Based On Visual Novels

4 Most Popular Anime Series Based on Visual Novels

Anime adaptations can come from many sources, including visual novels. Here are the 4 most popular anime series based on visual novels of all time.

Students on evening after school festival

Top 5 Mystery/Horror Visual Novel Games With School Setting

With monsters, murder on the loose, ghost, and many other scary things. These are not a visual novel where you wish you are the protagonist at.

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