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Xenogears Fei & Elly

#ThrowbackRPG – 7 Classic RPG That Deserve a Remake on Current Gen Console

There is a lot of classic RPG that deserve a remake; at least that is what the RPG lovers think. With all its qualities, the classic RPG in this article have what it takes to become a legend in classi...

Final Fantasy XV - Title

The History of Console RPG – The Next Level

The development of RPG has come to an era where both eastern and western games rules. Now gamer can choose whatever genre they like, and whichever gameplay they prefer. But before all that, there is a...

Grandia III released on PS3

Grandia III is on PlayStation 3 As a PS2 Classic

JRPG Grandia III is released on PlayStation 3 as a PlayStation 2 classic. The game can be downloaded on PlayStation Store.

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