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Dragon Quest XI PS4 Theme

Definition of RPG – The Distinguishing Elements

Do you love RPG? Everybody does, so maybe you are one of them. But do you know the real definition of RPG? Find the distinguishing elements here!

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Maiin Pic2231

7 Recommended Tactical RPG You Shouldn’t Miss!

Tactical RPG is one of the subgenres in RPG world. While some players think it is boring and time consuming, the other thinks that this kind of RPG is fun and challenging. Now with the existence of ma...

Fire Emblem Warriors Maiin Piicc

Fire Emblem Warriors Revealed Commercial Video Along with Quality and Performance Mode Trailer!

Nintendo revealed some videos for their game Fire Emblem Warriors: Commercial Video and Comparison Video (Quality and Performance trailer).

Fire Emblem Warriors Opening Movie

Fire Emblem Warriors Opening Movie + Another Character Trailer Are Here!

Koei Tecmo has revealed Fire Emblem Warriors opening movie! The game's character trailer is also revealed! Check both of them here!

Fire Emblem Warriors Tiki & Caeda

Tiki & Caeda Are The Next Playable Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors!

Tokyo Game Show 2017 got another Fire Emblem Warriors news for us! Two new characters are revealed: Tiki & Caeda! Check their trailer and screenshots here!

Fire Emblem Warriors Celica

Fire Emblem Warriors Celica Is Introduced + 3DS Gameplay Revealed!

New 3DS version of Fire Emblem Warriors is getting the gameplay trailer. Click here to see the gameplay, along with Fire Emblem Warriors Celica!

Fire Emblem Warriors Sakura, Elise, Male Corrin

Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer Show New Hero Lyndis

During the Nintendo Direct, New Fire Emblem Warriors trailer has been revealed, showcasing various gameplay and Lyndis as a playable character!

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