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7 Final Fantasy Characters that Should Appear in Kingdom Hearts III

Final Fantasy series has a huge amount of characters and each of them plays an important role in their story. Some of them have appeared in Kingdom Hearts series while some other haven't. Since Kingdo...

Persona 3 and 5 Dancing Shows Another Three Pairs Character Trailers!

Top 7 Most Attractive Male RPG Characters

RPG has a lot of interesting characters in it. Some are protagonists, some other are antagonists. Aside from their role in-game, there are some characters who are more attractive than the others. Here...

Cloud vs Sephiroth

7 Most Epic Battles in Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy with its whole lot of series contain a lot of bosses and super bosses. Although players will face a hard times dealing with them, it is still so much fun. Here is 7 most epic battles in ...

RPG with TIme Travel Theme - Chrono Cross

7 Nostalgic RPG Games With Time Travel Theme

Time travel theme is a unique theme for an RPG. Find out some of nostalgic RPG games with this theme. Is your favorite one listed here?

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