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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Gets PC Version in Feb 2018!

7 Highly Recommended Longest RPG

Playing RPG takes a lot of time, but these titles require longer duration of gameplay in order to finish the game. Here are the top 7 highly recommended longest RPG for you.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix - Cutscene

#ThrowbackRPG – 5 Most Loved PlayStation 2 JRPG

PlayStation 2 JRPG was known as the core of many modern RPG. Among a lot of successful games, here are the 5 most loved titles of.PlayStation 2.

Final Fantasy XV - Accolades Trailer

Top 7 Insanely Tough Secret Bosses in RPG

Fighting bosses is always exciting. But what about secret bosses in RPG? As an optional bosses, they often created with formidable strength and impenetrable defense, even better than the main antagoni...

Final Fantasy XV Characters

Top 7 Strongest Final Fantasy Main Characters

Final Fantasy has a lot of series, and also means that it has a lot of main characters. Although most of them are unique with their own role and background, there are some who were more superior than ...

Persona 3 and 5 Dancing Shows Another Three Pairs Character Trailers!

Top 7 Most Attractive Male RPG Characters

RPG has a lot of interesting characters in it. Some are protagonists, some other are antagonists. Aside from their role in-game, there are some characters who are more attractive than the others. Here...

Cloud vs Sephiroth

7 Most Epic Battles in Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy with its whole lot of series contain a lot of bosses and super bosses. Although players will face a hard times dealing with them, it is still so much fun. Here is 7 most epic battles in ...

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