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Final Fantasy VIII

Top 7 Most Underrated RPG on Switch in 2019

Switch has a lot of popular RPG titles and apparently there are the overlooked ones also. On the list are the top 7 most underrated RPG on Switch in 2019.

Final Fantasy IX

Top 5 Best Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy supposed to be the last and final attempt of Sakaguchi. But who knows, now this franchise has these 5 best Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

Top 7 Longest Final Fantasy Games

Do you play a lot of Final Fantasy games? And do you record the completion duration of each game? Here are the top 7 longest Final Fantasy games you should know.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT main Pic 3225

Top 7 Final Fantasy Theme Songs According to NHK

And now, the last and remaining factor of a successful franchise: theme songs. Witness these top 7 FInal Fantasy theme songs according to NHK!

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Has No Plan To Go Digital

Top 7 Final Fantasy Games According to NHK

Final Fantasy series is an everlasting game franchise ever created. In respond to that phenomena, NHK made a polling to decide the top 7 Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 3.5 - Dun Scaith - Boss Preview 3

7 Tricky Bosses to Defeat in RPG

Boss fights is one of many reasons why players are attached to play certain games. Among them are hard bosses that require us to grind for more level and items to be able to defeat them. But apparentl...

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo & Car

7 Most Interesting Minigames in RPG

Minigames in RPG isn't obligatory. You can skip it and proceed with the main storyline without even bothering to think about it. But in some games, minigames are created amazingly and succeeded to bec...

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