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Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack Revival Available Now!

Final Fantasy VI was known to be one of the best Final Fantasy games made by Square Enix. And behind the exciting gameplay, is this 64 tracks of Final Fantasy VI OST revival.

Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Wallpaper

7 Best Ported RPG on Android/iOS (Part 1)

Playing RPG on Android and iOS devices is very possible now with the improvement in smartphone technology. Some games even has enhanced version in the ported version. The quality that classic RPG can ...

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT E3 2017 Trailer Shows Gameplay WIth Cloud, Lightning, and More!

7 Most Unforgettable Villains in RPG

Not only heroes, villains are characters that is fun to talk about. Besides, their existence as villains usually triggered because of some tragic backgrounds. The worse the incident, the better he is ...

Chrono Trigger PC Version will Get Various Updates Over the Coming Months!

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 SNES RPG That You Should Try Before You Die

As one of the legendary classic console, SNES hosts some great game titles that later was known to be the pioneer of the modern games. Specifically in RPG genre, SNES has already delivered legendary R...

Final Fantasy IX MAIN PIIC

Top 7 Weirdest RPG Characters Ever

There are a lot of different kinds of characters in RPG. They differ in personality, shapes, and forms. Some of them aren't even human. But those weird characters are necessary to give "life" to the g...

Secret of Mana Wallpaper

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 Worth-Replaying Fourth Generation RPG

There are a lot of decent RPG titles, but not all of them are worth to be replayed. High replay values such as secrets and endings are needed to make a game worth-replaying after being finished once. ...

Card-user RPG Characters

6 Most Popular Card-User RPG Characters

There are many kinds of weapon in RPG. Among them is cards, as one of the rarest type of weapon for RPG characters. Because they are using cards as weapon, there are some among them who are gamblers. ...

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