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Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as DLC!

Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as DLC!

Yet another DLC for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT! This means another character will be available to play. Get ready to welcome Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII in-game!

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Progress is Underway, Nomura Said

Square Enix assured the fans by telling that the progress of their game entitled Final Fantasy VII Remake is going well, and it is progressing better than expected.

final fantasy xiv companion main pic a2ew

Final Fantasy XIV Companion App Announced for July 2018!

Square Enix revealed the release announcement of their project dedicated for smartphones (iOS and Android) entitled Final Fantasy XIV Companion.

Final Fantasy XV main piqsa21

Final Fantasy XV Patch 1.24 Update: New Costume for Ignis and More!

Square Enix updated their patch (notably 1.24) for their game entitled Final Fantasy XV specifically dedicated for a certain character called Ignis.

Final Fantasy XV main pic 12s

Final Fantasy XV DLC and Mod Organizer Revealed with More Details!

Square Enix revealed some DLCs and Mod Organizers as well as their release date for PC, Windows 10 version of Pocket Edition which is named Party Pack DLC.

Final Fantasy VII Remake main picxz

Final Fantasy VII Remake: An Update in One Screenshot!

Square Enix showed a glimpse of update regarding their game entitled Final Fantasy VII Remake that revealed a certain enemy in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV mainpic xer

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.3 Detailed Its Contents!

Square Enix announced the release of their game's patch Final Fantasy XIV under the title Under the Moonlight (patch 4.3) which will bring some new features to be enjoyed.

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