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Final Fantasy IX

Suikoden II Characters

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 PlayStation RPG

Playstation is undeniably the root of many modern good games. Final Fantasy series, Suikoden series, or Tales series has initiated its first step in this classic console. And apparently, there are sti...

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX is available Now for Switch and Xbox One; FF VII on Later Date!

Confirmed by Square Enix that Final Fantasy IX is now available for Switch and Xbox One, while Final Fantasy VII has to wait a little longer.

Dragon Quest VIII Launch Trailer

7 Best Ported RPG on Android/iOS (Part 2)

Here comes, the last part of the 7 best ported RPG on Android/iOS! Don't miss any of it, because all the games above are highly addictive and proven to be excellent creations of the developers. Check ...

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

7 Dated PC JRPG That You Must Play!

With all of its capabilities, PC has now able to hosts a lot of RPG games, from the best to the worst, from JRPG to WRPG, and even the latest games. Talking about JRPG, there are some titles that you ...

Final Fantasy XV Chocobo & Car

7 Most Interesting Minigames in RPG

Minigames in RPG isn't obligatory. You can skip it and proceed with the main storyline without even bothering to think about it. But in some games, minigames are created amazingly and succeeded to bec...

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix - Cutscene

7 Typical Swords of RPG World

RPG holds a lot of type and different kind of weapons. Among them are the swords. And among the many popular swords in RPG, there are some that is hard to forget because of its uniqueness or capabilit...

Final Fantasy IV Wallpaper

Top 7 Most Useless RPG Characters

As one of the popular game genre, RPG hosts a lot of characters in every game. Many of them are unique and iconic, while some others fail to standout in the game. Here are the top 7 most useless RPG c...

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