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News of the Month – June 2016

Thanks to E3 2016, June was a blast. A lot of games were announced, release date were announced and many more. Here's a recap for all news coverage in June.

E3 2016 Report Poster

E3 2016 Report – A Golden Year of RPG!

Missed the E3 2016 event last week? Then, you can check the E3 2016 report here! It contains the compiled coverage of the RPG news from the previous E3 2016

Final Fantasy XV Release Date is set on September 30, 2016 worldwide

Final Fantasy XV Release Date is Set on Sep 30 2016 + More Information Uncovered!

Finally! Final Fantasy XV release date is set on September 30, 2016 for Worldwide release! There are more information revealed, such as demo, trailer, etc.

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