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News of the Month – August 2018

Second month of second semester in 2018 is here. Without noticing, we only need one single hand to count how many months are left to go to 2019. However, the amount of big news doesn't look like they'...

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News of the Month – July 2018

It's that time of the day again; our monthly RPG and VN news. I hope you're not fed up with our monthly news like this--July's news is not as many as the previous months, anyway. But that doesn't mean...

News of the Month – June 2018

Real gamers must have known what happened this June: gaming event, E3! Since the event was held this month, of course there are a lot of gaming news this month. No worries, we will cover all the RPG a...

A New Pokemon Core RPG Coming in 2019 for Switch!

News of the Month – May 2018

Finally, we've come to the start of second half of 2018. Has the first half become a good year for you so far? If you haven't convinced yet, let us see together the big news coming from May, the last ...

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News of the Month – April 2018

It's May! Only a month left and we'll get into the second semester of 2018. Before we really move on to the second half of 2018, let's read April's entry of News of the Month!

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News of the Month – March 2018

March is ending, and we're welcoming April! Usually, when we talk about the start of April, we're reminded of April Fools, the day full of lies, pranks... but worry not, because what we're going to sh...

Metal Max Xeno

News of the Month – January 2018

Happy new year! It feels just like yesterday that we got the chance to play with fireworks and being noisy with our trumpets… but hey, it's now February. Time goes so fast, indeed! And you know what c...

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