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News of the Month – February 2019

February flies so fast! However, less days doesn't mean that the news from game field is insignificant! Check out our News of the Month of February 2019!

kingdom hearts iii

News of the Month – January 2019

2019 is starting! The opening of 2019 looks good so far for gamers like us. Other interesting news also come in January, so let's take a look together!


News of the Month – December 2018

Happy new year! We hope you'll still follow us too this year. The December news of the month may become the first service for you in this year!

News of the Month - November 2018

News of the Month – November 2018

November's News of the Month is here! We got two special highlight for Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, especially about Hajime Tabata resignation.

Kingdom Hearts - The Story So Far - Announced for PS4 Release in US!

News of the Month – October 2018

October is here! You know what the month is identified with? Yes, Halloween. If you were too busy with Halloween party that you can't know what happened in October, we've covered October's news of the...

Suikoden II main pic 134q

News of the Month – August 2018

Second month of second semester in 2018 is here. Without noticing, we only need one single hand to count how many months are left to go to 2019. However, the amount of big news doesn't look like they'...

Shin megami tensei dx2 mainpicxa

News of the Month – July 2018

It's that time of the day again; our monthly RPG and VN news. I hope you're not fed up with our monthly news like this--July's news is not as many as the previous months, anyway. But that doesn't mean...

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