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5 Best Android RPG You Can Play on Low-Spec Smartphones!

Who said you can't have nice RPG on low-spec smartphone? Open your eyes, because you have these 5 best Android RPG you can play even with only 2 Gb RAM!

AxE Alliance vs Empire Wallpaper

5 Best Android Action RPG with Hack and Slash Combat

Do you like hack and slash combat while playing RPG? If you like it, then these 5 best Android action RPG are definitely made for you!

Battle Chasers Nightwar 5

7 Recommended Android RPG Worth to Play!

Between a lot of great games that Android has, are these 7 recommended Android RPG worth to play, especially if you call yourself a RPG lover.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Characters & Logo

7 Best Android RPG Up to 2018!

Smartphone system now has become equal with console gaming since it has a raising number of good RPG in it. Especially Android, which was known to host a lot of famous RPG on its archive to satisfy th...

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