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Top 10 RPG Games

Top 10 RPG Games for 3DS Lover in 2017!

Players owned a console because they have some titles they like there. For RPG lovers, they will want as much RPG titles as possible. Here are top 10 3DS RPG games that is worth trying.

Dragon Quest XI Western Release

Dragon Quest XI Western Version is Announced!

Dragon Quest XI is finally announced for localization as Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. Check the announcement video here!

Dragon Quest XI Voice Acting

Dragon Quest XI Voice Acting and More Tidbits Explained

In a recent interview, Square Enix explained more about Dragon Quest XI. One of the topics is whether the game will have voice acting or not. Check it out!

Dragon Quest XI Opening Video - SS

Dragon Quest XI Opening Video, TV Commercial, and New Screenshots Are Unveiled!

Dragon Quest XI gets a lot revealed these days! Be ready for Dragon Quest XI opening video, TV commercials, 3DS theme, and new screenshots!

Dragon Quest XI Camus Abilities

Dragon Quest XI Camus Abilities + New Gameplay Revealed!

Jump magazine details Dragon Quest XI Camus and the protagonist’s skills. In addition, the game’s new dungeon gameplay and new restriction is also revealed!

Dragon Quest XI Get Some Details for Martial Artist Martina and Merchant Row

Dragon Quest XI Get Some Details for Martial Artist Martina and Merchant Row

More characters, more details! Square Enix has something about Dragon Quest XI; some details for two of the game's characters.

Dragon Quest XI PS4

Dragon Quest XI PS4 Exclusive Features Are Revealed!

Square Enix has compiled the screenshots for Dragon Quest XI PS4 version, as well as its features. You can see the features and screenshots here!

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