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Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT E3 2017 Trailer Shows Gameplay WIth Cloud, Lightning, and More!

Top 5 Worst Final Fantasy Games

The great and almighty Final Fantasy series has flaws. Still, it is one of the best franchise around. And here are the top 5 worst Final Fantasy games.

Monster of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV Launch Trailer Revealed!

Top 7 Worst Final Fantasy Games According to Metacritic

Among the gold, there are some who failed to amaze us players of this series. Here are the top 7 worst Final Fantasy games according to Metacritic.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Series Special Book with Tote Bag

Are you waiting for Final Fantasy VII Remake? Maybe you should check this Final Fantasy VII Series Special Book first containing details about the series. Tote bag included!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Cloud vs Sephiroth

5 Most Unsuccessful Square Enix Creations

Everybody knows that Square Enix is more than capable to produce great games. But apparently, there are some unsuccessful games which were also a part in Square Enix RPG development. As part of Square...

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