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Top 7 FromSoftware RPG According to Metacritic

Ever since established, FromSoftware has created a lot of nice action RPG. This list will help you find the top 7 FromSoftware RPG among the many.

Dark Souls III map screenshot

Top 7 Open World RPG with the Best Combat System

What makes you keep playing an open world RPG? Aside from the story and exploration, the answer should be the combat like what these games have.

Dark Souls: Remastered

Top 7 RPG with the Best Combat System

A nice combat system in RPG makes players stay longer and even get addicted. Here are the top 7 RPG with the best combat system you should play.

Ni No Kuni II E3 2017 Trailer Shows Colorful Gameplay!

7 Recommended PC RPG You Musn’t Miss!

Do you like playing on PC? If you do, then you must try these 7 recommended PC RPG. With its quality, for sure you can't miss those games!

Top 10 RPG of 2016

Top 10 RPG of 2016 – Fruitful Year for Square Enix and Atlus

2016 marks another fruitful year in terms of exciting RPG titles released. Check out if your favorites make it into the top 10 RPG of 2016

Final Fantasy XV feat

10 Most Anticipated RPG Games in 2016

Here's a small list of upcoming most probably best RPG games that are going to be released this year.

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