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7 Must-Play Visual Novel with Shocking Plot Twist

Welcome to the visual novel world! This genre will brings you excitement in another form of gameplay based on text and still scene. Check these games out!

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Top 7 Visual Novel Games You Can Get on Steam!

Steam is too kind to give us these wonderful visual novel games. For visual novel lovers, be prepared because these games might drive you into addiction!

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5 Recommended PC Visual Novel Suitable for Everyone

Visual novel are a game genre based on text and scenes. That is why; the plot and artwork will play a dominant role. Since it is based on text and scenes, there is a big chance for developers to add f...

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Clannad For The North America Version Will Be Released Soon!

Clannad, a well-known visual novel game, actually would be released in Japan with English subtitles alongside the Japanese text. The game was originally developed by Key and released in April 2004. It...

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Clannad Will Have English Text In Its Japanese Release

Clannad is probably the most awaited visual novel as you all know the story is really good. Despite of the good story, we find it is difficult to understand due to language problem. but no need to wor...

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Clannad and Island Release Dates Are Announced!

Clannad and Island, two visual novel titles by Prototype will have their release this year. The release dates will be close to each other. Check it out and find out about the pricing here.

4 Most Popular Anime Series Based On Visual Novels

4 Most Popular Anime Series Based on Visual Novels

Anime adaptations can come from many sources, including visual novels. Here are the 4 most popular anime series based on visual novels of all time.

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