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Another Eden Characters

5 Best Recommended Smartphone JRPG So Far

Do you have smartphone? Do you love JRPG? If you do, then this is the time for you to try these 5 best smartphone JRPG that have been released so far.

Chaos Rings III Characters

7 Offline Android RPG You Must Try Immediately!

Android offers us online service in almost all of its games. But apparently Android also has a collection of good offline RPG that you must try. Check the list!

Granblue Fantasy Characters

7 Highly Recommended Android and iOS RPG!

Smartphone now has become on the same level with handheld. With the capability of smartphones and the existence of Android and iOS, great games now has resided in those mobile device OS. Between the g...

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Characters & Logo

7 Best Android RPG Up to 2018!

Smartphone system now has become equal with console gaming since it has a raising number of good RPG in it. Especially Android, which was known to host a lot of famous RPG on its archive to satisfy th...

Chaos Rings III Wallpaper

Best Smartphone Exclusive RPG: Chaos Rings III

Chaos Rings III is the fourth installment of the Chaos Rings series, published by Square Enix. For now, we can say that this is Square Enix masterpiece for Smartphones. Now available in Android and iP...

Chaos Rings III Wallpaper

7 Best Android RPG Games that You Can Play Offline!

Android games usually uses co-op features to play with other players, but that doesn't mean that offline RPG are worse. Here are 7 best Android RPG games that can be played offline.

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