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Monster hunter generations ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: Switch Version Announced for August!

Capcom recently announced the release date for their game entitled Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate dedicated for Nintendo Switch by releasing a trailer and some pictures.

Ace Attorney Characters

Top 7 Prosecutors in Ace Attorney Series

Ace Attorney is a breakthrough in visual novel games. While the other focusing about romance and school life, it focuses on law enforcement theme. Among the characters are great prosecutors. Here are ...

Monster hunter world main pic 1267

Monster Hunter: World Ver 3.00 Details Some Monsters and More!

Capcom announced the update for their game entitled Monster Hunter: World which will give us the details about some monsters, new area, and new equipment.

Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney Anime Season 2 Announced to Air in Fall 2018

Capcom announced the second season of Ace Attorney entitled Gyakuten Saiban: Sono “Shinjitsu”, Igiari! ~ Season 2 will come to air this Fall in Japan.

Monster hunter world pic main wqrds

Monster Hunter: World Update Adds Deviljho and More!

Capcom recently updated their game's content entitled Monster Hunter: World by adding several features such as revealing monsters and even collaboration with Devil May Cry series.

Breath of Fire IV Wallpaper

#ThrowbackRPG – Top 7 Breath of Fire IV Dragon Forms

Breath of Fire IV is one of classic consoles' masterpiece. The main protagonist and the antagonist has the power to change form into a dragon. Here are top 7 Breath of Fire IV Dragon Forms that you mi...

Ace Attorney Characters

7 Most Unforgettable Non Main Characters in Ace Attorney Series

Ace Attorney has many series which contain exciting plots and many characters. It also has some important and unique non main characters throughout the series. Here are 7 most unforgettable non main c...

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