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#ThrowbackRPG – 5 PlayStation RPG Better than Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 1)

PlayStation is the most important stepping stone for RPG lovers. Even compared to Final Fantasy VII Remake, these 5 PlayStation RPG have better stories.

Xenogears Fei & Elly

#ThrowbackRPG – 7 Classic RPG That Deserve a Remake on Current Gen Console

There is a lot of classic RPG that deserve a remake; at least that is what the RPG lovers think. With all its qualities, the classic RPG in this article have what it takes to become a legend in classi...

Final Fantasy IX MAIN PIIC

Top 7 Weirdest RPG Characters Ever

There are a lot of different kinds of characters in RPG. They differ in personality, shapes, and forms. Some of them aren't even human. But those weird characters are necessary to give "life" to the g...

Breath of Fire III Wallpaper

#ThrowbackRPG – 7 Worth-Replaying PSX RPG

It has been so long since the first release of PlayStation console or also known as PSX. Although it has been that long, its game are timeless even after you taste the excellence of next-gen games. He...

Breath of Fire III - Feature

Breath of Fire III Remastered Tracks Announced by Materia Collective!

Materia Collective has announced Breath of Fire III Remastered Tracks, a tribute album for Capcom's classic PlayStation RPG!

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