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Persona Q2 First Overview Trailer Revealed with Some Details!

Top 7 Persona Games According to Metacritic

Are you a fan of this wonderful franchise? If you are, then this top 7 Persona games according to Metacritic article was really made for you.

Dragon's Crown Pro Announced

Top 7 Atlus Masterpieces

Atlus is one of the greatest game developers around, especially with the Persona series. But there are still a lot of great Atlus masterpieces around like these games.

Persona 5 Art Box Cropped

Persona 5 Piano Solo Sheet Music (Original Soundtrack Selection)

Do you like Persona 5? Can you play piano? If the answer is yes, then this item is made for you. Persona 5 Piano Solo Sheet Music is ready to be yours!

Persona 5 character illustration

Persona 5 The Phantom Thieves of Hearts Glasses Case Coming Soon!

Before, the glasses, then next should be the container. To store your precious glasses of Persona 5 hero, you need this The Phantom Thieves of Hearts glasses case!

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5

Persona 5 Hero Glasses (Non-Lens) Coming Soon!

Are you a fan of Joker from Persona 5? Remember his daily-life appearance? The Persona 5 hero glasses is coming soon! Ready to feel like Joker?

Velvet Trio

Persona 5 Royal Trailer Shows New Palace, Characters, and More!

Today Atlus held the very first live stream for Persona 5 Royal, revealing new information and gameplay, and the second full-length trailer.

Persona 5 Art Box Cropped

Persona 5 Original Soundtrack Available Now!

Amazing plot combined with wonderful music makes the Persona series. This time we have the original soundtrack of Persona 5 to be added into your collection!

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