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How to Make Most of Your Time in Persona 5’s Tokyo

When you are not fighting the Shadows in the other realm of Tokyo, you are just some ordinary student in a big city. In the previous game, Persona 4 is situated in the small city of Inaba. Even though...

7 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Persona 5

Persona 5 is the latest entry to the Persona series. Sure enough, its mechanics, gameplay and storyline would be rather similiar from the previous installment of Persona 4. What makes them both differ...

Persona 5 Preview – The Thief of the People!

Since its brief announcement in 2015, ATLUS has their fans hyped up for the next and upcoming entry for the new Persona series that is the Persona 5. It has been a long while for the players or even f...

persona 5 the animation dark sun

Persona 5 The Animation Will Get Special Broadcast Titled Dark Sun

Atlus announced that Persona 5 The Animation will get special broadcast at the end of this year under a title “Dark Sun…”

Ace Attorney Anime

Ace Attorney Anime Second Season will Premiere on Oct 2018!

It was no news that Ace Attorney anime will be back with its season 2. During this year's Anime Expo, Capcom finally announced the release date for the second season! It will be titled Gyakuten Saiban...

Baby Making RPG Conception

Baby Making RPG Conception Anime Adaptation Is Announced!

One of Spike Chunsoft’s game is getting an anime! No, unfortunately it’s not Danganronpa anymore. The one getting an anime is baby making RPG Conception! Check here to watch the trailer!

Persona 5 The Animation Prologue Shows First 6 Minutes of Episode 1

Persona 5 The Animation Prologue Shows First 6 Minutes of Episode 1

The day that we, fans of Persona 5, have been waiting for is nearing. Then just one day before the anime airs, Atlus teases us by showing the first 6 minutes of episode 1.

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