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Meet Us – The RPGValiant Team

Ever wonder who was behind the desk? Meet the Gods and Einherjar (staff) here!

<<< Odin – Editor-in-Chief >>>

Everlight / Alexander Blue (since January 2016)

rpgvaliant author chief editor- Odin - Everlight / Alexander Blue / Ferdinand

Hello, I am the founder and Editor-in-Chief of RPGValiant.com. My gaming nickname is Everlight (thus I use this name here), but my online ‘stage name’ is Alexander Blue.

I founded RPGValiant.com because I love RPG games. Both fantasy and gaming have been my company since I was a kid, and I love to see and play many RPGs and VNs. Digimon World 2 is the first RPG game that I played, but what made me really fall in love with RPGs is Final Fantasy IX.

I want to know and share a lot of things related to RPGs and VNs. Whether they are from major developers or indie, I love them and I want people to know that there are so many good RPGs and VNs! If you are an indie RPG / VN game developer, let me know through the contact page and we may interested to cover your game.

This website may be far from perfect, but I hope you will enjoy what I and the team share here 🙂

<<< Balmung – News Writer >>>

Handoko Lun (since March 2016)

rpgvaliant author - Balmung - Handoko

Hi, my name is Handoko, and I’m from Indonesia. Video games has become something that plays a huge role in my life. I like playing action games, puzzle games, shooting games (though I’m so bad at it), and of course RPGs.

Pokémon is definitely one of my favorite games. I have been trying to learn more about the competitive plays lately because it’s very fun instead of playing it casually. My other favorite game right now is Final Fantasy XIV Online. I have been playing this game for 2 years, and the idea of unsubscribing to the game has never crossed my mind.


Moonlitenite (since July 2016)

I love RPG games such as FF series, Harvest Moon, Suikoden etc. During break time, If I am not chit chatting with my friend or reading books, I play games. Currenly playing Delicious Emily.


Bismuth (since July 2016)

rpvaliant - Balmung - Bismuth

Her online nickname is Bismuth—and yes, if you find a “Bismuth” in online games or discussions, it could be her. A twenty two trapped in a mind of twelve. Graduated from English Linguistics thus is awkward with writing nonformal English.

Loves almost everything ranging from anime, manga, games, KPop, even history, sports, and role-playing. You can find her playing Suikoden, Persona series, Danganronpa, or even sitting for hours to play MMORPG.


Fachrezys (since July 2016)

Love anything about RPG, especially Final Fantasy series.

<<< Mjolnir – Article Writer >>>

Forseca (since February 2016)

rpgvaliant author - Mjolnir - Forseca

I am a simple man, I see old school RPG, I like it. Fave RPG: Chrono Trigger 🙂


Astaire (since August 2016)

rpgvaliant author - Mjolnir - Astaire

My name is Nicolaus and I currently living in Indonesia. I’m might be leaving impression as if I talkative but in reality I’m a shy person despite my huge figure.

I like games for it’s music, art, and stories. I’m basically that guy who bawl at FFX ending. My favorite game currently is Danganronpa series for its interesting and vast stories, unique character, and badass BGM. よろしく

<<< Gungnir – Game Reviewer >>>

Dyla (since May 2016)

rpgvaliant author - Gungnir - Dyla

I love JRPG and adventure games, because I play games for the story and gameplay. If it’s cute and simple, that will be a plus point for me. My favorite games are Final Fantasy IX and Kingdom Hearts II.

<<< Tyrfing – Multimedia >>>

Nemuchan (assisting since July 2016)

rpgvaliant - Tyrfing - Nemuchan

Manga and anime lover. Also fan of cute things like Chocobo and Hamtaro. Love to draw manually and digitally. My favorite games are Final Fantasy series, Harvest Moon series, and Rune Factory series.

Note: Our Facebook and Twitter cover images are awesomely created by her! Check out her works in her personal blog here or her facebook here.

Do you want to be part of the Einherjar? Easy! Just let us know through the contact page and we will try to reply as soon as possible 🙂

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